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LaRue County Genealogy Society
How to help:

Want to be involved?? There are many ways YOU can get involved with the LaRue County Genealogy Society.

A membership form can be printed by clicking here.

Do you have data that you have collected in your own research that you would like to share online, but don't know how to go about it, or just don't have time to develop a website?? We would be happy to put that information online for you. All copyright on contributed materials remains with the copyright owner. Of course, you can ask that your contributions be removed at anytime (but we hope that you won't).

Do you already have a website about families connected to LaRue County? You can submit your website to us for a link. All we ask is a reciprocal link back. We will not link to racist or hate groups, or any page that in anyway resembles one. We are not politically motivated.

As you can see, there are many ways to get involved. We hope you will choose at least one of them.
Come join with us, the researchers of the LaRue County Genealogy Society.
Contact us via email:
or write us at: LaRue County Genealogy Society P.O. Box 312 Hodgenville, KY 42748